Design Process

Moroccan carved painted wood

Both plaster and wood share the same techniques of carving and painting, the first phase is designing a motif for the project and applies it with a stencil directly on wood. the carved or painter then start producing the ornamentation using a hammer and metallic tool to carve and brush to paint.

This technique of carving and painting can be used in all kind of motif. calligraphy, geometry or floral arabesque. the process of design muquarnass is similar to the plaster one.

Moroccan carved  wood

All phases of production of arabesque carved and painted wood are done on our workshops in fez, unlike the plaster. the final installation takes place at the job site, for small projects outside morocco, the general contractor may assemble and install our products using his team of carpenters, but for big projects involving installation of ceilings and dooms we provide our skills craftsmen to complete the installations.