Moroccan tiles Design Process

Installation of Moroccan tiles wall


cly extraction

Special clay from the region of Fez is mixed with water, and then kneadedby both hands and feet for an extensive period of time until the clay becomes flexible and homeheneous in thickness, Then 10 cm squares are cut into a thickness of 1 cm, The squares are placedin the sun until they get dry, and then based in a special oven for their first phase.


glazing tiles

After enameling these squares, we bake it for their second phase in a special oven at 800°c. the oven itself is fueled with olive pits as part of our distinctive manufacturing process. The tiles are placed at different levels according to their intended colors and the degree of heat required attaining those colors. we put white tiles on the bottom, then blue, yellow, and finally, green tiles on top.


Tatooing moroccan tiles

After the tiles are removed from the oven, we select tiles according to their colors and then draw the shapes of the patterns we want to use in our design directly into the tiles with a pencil. the person responsable for this operation is called the "rasham". the patterns on each tile are tessellated precisely in order to use the surface efficiently.


cutting moroccan tiles

After the patterns and the shapes of the designs are drawn on tiles, they can then be sent to the "naqqash" or cutter who separates these patterns using a wide hammer carefully sharpened at each end. the pieces are then sent to "khallas" or finisher, who cuts their edges making sure that they meet all requirements for production.