To develop and to enhace the beauty of moroccan style

Adil Naji

Thank you for taking time to explore our rich heritage and exquisite handcrafted art. We sincerely hope that our creative, unique, and rich artistic ornamental decoration will provide the most pleasant and enjoyable interior environment for your projects.

Arabesque and Moresque are famous for the most exceptional Moroccan ornamental design, fabrication and installation in the world. We are constantly inspired to embrace new ideas and striving to design and handcraft masterpieces to meet our client’s expectations.

Our approach is to listen and collaborate with you to create a product to meet your unique requirements. For four generations, the Naji family has been at the forefront in the revival of Al-Andalus Moroccan architectural decoration. Throughout the world, Arabesque is proud to be leading a renaissance of nine-century-old art. Our commitment to design, create, and produce the highest quality plaster, Moroccan Zillij, brass, and woodwork is the core component of our business.

Today Arabesque and Moresque employees, senior craftsmen, ornamental designers, graphic designers, consultants and a team of experienced project managers run day-to-day business. Our worldwide projects vary from royal palaces, mosques, villas, hotels, museums, and restaurants, and exemplify the artistic expertise of the Naji family developed through the generations. Our recent projects include the building of the Moroccan court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, a permanent building and the crown jewel achievement of the Naji family and Arabesque and Moresque.
You can rely on us to provide you with what you are looking for unique Moroccan interiors, an exquisite craftsmanship, an exceptional customer service and the highest quality products. Let’s work together.

Adil Naji
President and CEO
Arabesque, Inc