Adil Naji


Moresque was established informally by Maalem (Master artisan) Mhammed Telmsani Eissaoui in Fez starting out with only 10 employees. along with his oldest son Abdelhadi, a half dozen skilled artisans and a few apprentices, Mhammed started working on large projects, mainly the King’s palace in Fez and many residences of the elite of influential businessmen and politicians.


Abdelkader and Mohammed joined their father and oldest brother to bring new blood and a fresh sprit to a business that now stood for a family tradition and a living art carried from one generation to another.


The Eissaoui Tlemassani family became a well-known brand and one of the most prominent families in Morocco to work in the handcraft industry.


Maalem Abdelkhader Tlemssani (the middle son of Mhammed Tlemssani and one of the most talented craftsmen in ornamental plaster in Fez) took over the family business then known only by the family name Tlemssani. At the time.


Mhammed Naji and Mhammed Telmsani, Aissawi’s grandson, took over the family business and formed a sole proprietorship called Naji Plaster. Leading 50 talented craftsmen and interior designers, Maalem Mhammed Naji undertook several projects that were recognized in Morocco, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

mhammed Naji


Mohammed Naji, Jr. joined the family business. He is well-known for creating and developing new ornamental designs of carved stucco plaster.

Adil Naji


Arabesque, the second Naji family company.

Adil Naji


operations were incorporated in the U.S. and Morocco. The family dissolved Naji Plaster and Moresque Sarl was incorporated in Fez as a private limited liability company. .