Each tile is placed face down and any additional adjustment is made to ensure a snug fit.

Moroccan tiles installation

Our mission is to promote Islamic Architectural heritage.

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Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Tiles Manufacturer

Moroccan Tiles

The international firm Arabesque Specializes in traditional Moroccan tiles. Arabesque is owned by members of the Naji Family, who has been involved in this craft for mores than 750 years. The Najis have been recognized worldwide for their superior workmanship on moroccan tiles.

For more than eight centuries the Naji family has been at the forefront in the revival of Andalusian Moroccan architectural decoration. Throughout the world, Arabesque is proud to be leading a renaissance of nine-century-old art. Our craftsmen have continuously designed, created, and produced the highest quality plaster, Moroccan Tiles, brass, and woodwork, attesting to our unchallenged expertise in the field of Moroccan architectural design and decor.

Arabesque and Moresque are the world leading handcrafted Moroccan tiles, Moroccan carved plaster, Moroccan hand painted & carved wood, Moroccan brass accessories and Moroccan interiors specialists.
Arabesque services includes: Design Development, materials and installation of projects that require our Moroccan tiles and zellij, carved plaster, gebs, carved wood, brass lamps, and brass doors.